Server virtualization has transformed on premise and outsourced datacenters, spurring growth and consolidation in server workloads. As virtualization infrastructures have matured over the last decade, the ecosystem surrounding them has transformed to address the requirements of organizations that wants to leverage virtualization and build an environment similar to that of a service provider which we call Private/Hybrid/Public Cloud today.

While technology pioneers in this space have matured their products and customers with high IT budgets embraced the platform, the need for a standardized virtualization solution in the Open Source space, to bring affordability and technical flexibility had become a need in the industry. OpenStack is the open-source project, a collaborative work of NASA and multiple commercial contributors, which has emerged to fill this need. It delivers cloud infrastructure components including Compute, Network and Storage in a connected ecosystem. For organizations with high level of internal technical depth OpenStack is a viable solution that can be the platform to build a cloud infrastructure at a fractional cost compared to that of solutions from established players in the same space.

As a managed IT Services provider, Infortech has been working with OpenStack since its early days. We carry expertise and experience to provide consulting services in designing, planning, deploying and implementing OpenStack based infrastructure for enterprise customers for on premise or datacenter based deployments.

Are you considering OpenStack for your IT infrastructure? Please contact Infortech to see how you can leverage our expertise and experience with OpenStack.