VMWare is the pioneer in Virtualization and Private Cloud infrastructure for the Enterprise. VMware based virtualization solution is implemented across the world by small businesses to large enterprises alike.

The VSphere Hypervisor (also known as ESXi) and vCenter Management Platform offers integrations with various hardware and software vendors. Our Storage partner Nimble Storage’s Management platform integrated with vCenter for transparent storage management live migration, hypervisor health monitoring, etc. VMware Virtual SAN is a Software defined storage solution that is poised to disrupt the SAN and centralized storage as we know it today and emerge as the viable solution for storage with more agility and scalability.

As a VMware partner, Infortech can provide Consulting Services for designing, deploying and managing a VMware based Virtual Environment and Private Cloud Infrastructure. We also carry expertise is creating hybrid infrastructure using VMware and Cloud Infrastructure based on OpenStack and Microsoft technologies. We also offer VMware centric deployments of our Private Cloud Infrastructure under our Datacenter Services.

For mixed PC and Mac environments in our ExpertCare Managed IT Services solution we utilize VMware Fusion to bring Windows experience to Mac users.

Please contact our Technical Sales Team to learn more what we can do for your VMware service and solution needs.