Secure Managed Office 365

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is a highly flexible platform for computing environment for small businesses to very large enterprises. Office 365 offers different levels of service consisting of Microsoft Office Applications Online & on PC; Unified Communications including Business Class Email & Calendaring, Contact Management, Voice Telecom, Online Meetings, Corporate Messaging and Social Network; File Storage & Sharing and Identity and Access Control. For emerging enterprises Office 365 brings a state of the art, cost-effective solution for building out a cost-efficient computing platform. For organizations with aging legacy infrastructure, Office 365 is an excellent transitional platform eliminating the investment needed to upgrade and update the legacy infrastructure.

What is Secure Managed Office 365 Service?

Office 365 does NOT come out of the box secure and must be hardened to mitigate risks. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to secure your Office 365 Tenant, and the best level of security possible. After we lock down your Office 365 tenant, we continue to monitor, manage and support you. With our Managed Detection and Response service, we assure your environment is compliant with industry standards such as DFARS/NIST 800-171.

Email Security and Backup

The built-in mail filtering feutures of Office365 is very basic, and it does not protect your business from Malware, or Phishing attacks. Included with the Secure Managed Office 365 Service, is additional level of Email Security to protect your business from malware, viruses, phishing attacks and other email borne threats. In addition, your Office365 Emails will be backed up using advanced Backup solution with long-term data retention options.

Office 365 Migration and Deployment Service

Infortech is a Microsoft Certified Cloud Solutions Partner with a 19 Year partnership history. If you are on another legacy Email platform or such as Microsoft Exchange, MailEnable, or if you are using another Cloud based email provider such as Google Gmail, G-Suite, our team can provide full turn-key migration services to move your user and email accounts, existing emails, files, etc. to Office 365. We can do this without interruption to your business operations.

INFORTECH makes Office 365 Deployment, Migration, Management, Email Security and Backup Easy!

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