Michael Lund

INFORTECH Brings a Complete, Well Managed, Secure IT Solution!

By engaging INFORTECH, the biggest benefit we gained was that I don’t have to split my limited IT budget between various skill sets needed to meet the ever-evolving requirements to run our IT. I do not need to use precious headcount on different roles and skill sets of IT experts. INFORTECH’s team covers all roles and expertise from global connectivity, network, cyber security, telecom, servers, and desktop support. I do not have to choose one skill set over another, as I would have to if I had to staff with employees or contractors.

INFORTECH does not take a set and forget approach to anything about IT. They are constantly re-evaluating our IT infrastructure and making changes as needed. Also, Philip and his staff never hide, they are always available to handle any issues. If you are looking for an IT Team that is constantly on top of things, you should go with INFORTECH.

Michael Lund
Former CFO,
Microbar, Intematix