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21 Questions To Arm You To Scrutinize And Select An Honest, Competent, Responsive, And Fairly Priced IT Service Company

4 Big Reasons to Choose INFORTECH


Our team has over two decades of experience in the technology services field, allowing us to offer top-notch, best-in-class service and solutions.


We use the same stack of solutions and service processes as larger corporations but customized for small business budgets and needs.


You can rest easy knowing that the technology backbone of your business is always running smoothly and securely with our around-the-clock monitoring & support.


We tailor our managed services to fit your specific business needs and budget, creating a plan that works for your business.

Our Services

ExpertCare Managed IT Services

We guarantee to manage, monitor, maintain, and support every aspect of your business IT for optimized performance, reliability, and security.

LevelDefense Managed Cyber Security Services

Using best-in-class security technologies and our time-proven security operations, we'll protect your data and systems from malicious attacks.

CoManaged IT Services

Free your internal IT staff to focus on your core business goals and leave the day-to-day management of your technology infrastructure to us.

Managed VOIP Telecom Solutions

Our team will manage and maintain your VOIP phone system, providing crystal-clear communication at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

See what other business clients are saying about us…

After Hiring INFORTECH… Magic!!!

Before we engaged INFORTECH, 30 employees came to me with endless issues and problems. As the Director of Finance, I am concerned about security since we have a great deal of intellectual property on our laptops and servers.

After hiring INFORTECH…magic!!! I can stop worrying about IT! Now the employees just contact them and I know their problems are being handled by the experts. What a time saver and an anxiety reducer!

I’m a very demanding customer who absolutely needs quality service and fast response, and they’ve never let me down. Their response time is better than anyone else I’ve ever worked with. If you need things done yesterday and with efficiency and accuracy, INFORTECH is the way to go.

Eve Cohen Director of Finance
Avogy Inc.

INFORTECH Brings a Complete, Well Managed, Secure IT Solution!

By engaging INFORTECH, the biggest benefit we gained was that I don’t have to split my limited IT budget between various skill sets needed to meet the ever-evolving requirements to run our IT. I do not need to use precious headcount on different roles and skill sets of IT experts. INFORTECH’s team covers all roles and expertise from global connectivity, network, cyber security, telecom, servers, and desktop support. I do not have to choose one skill set over another, as I would have to if I had to staff with employees or contractors.

INFORTECH does not take a set and forget approach to anything about IT. They are constantly re-evaluating our IT infrastructure and making changes as needed. Also, Philip and his staff never hide, they are always available to handle any issues. If you are looking for an IT Team that is constantly on top of things, you should go with INFORTECH.

Michael Lund Former CFO
Microbar, Intematix

IT Service That Is Tailored for Us!

When I first started working with INFORTECH, I was the CEO of a start-up engineering company. INFORTECH’s Managed IT Services was quite flexible and fit our need at every stage of our growth. We had the benefit of INFORTECH’s experienced staff, who assisted us with our technical decisions by offering methods to reduce our spending initially and grow IT features as we grew.

If I can identify one key benefit of working with INFORTECH, it is the flexibility in their Service. They took care of all our needs and suggested added features only when we needed them. If you are a growing business, pick INFORTECH, they will work with you to provide your IT needs as your business grows.

Dinesh Ramanathan CEO
NexGen Power Systems


At INFORTECH , we handle everything from network setup and maintenance to cybersecurity and cloud storage, allowing you to focus on running your business without the stress and fear of technology failure. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs and budget, giving you peace of mind in the ever-changing world of technology. Let us handle the tech so you can focus on what matters most.

21 Questions

    21 Questions To Arm You To Scrutinize And Select An Honest, Competent, Responsive, And Fairly Priced IT Service Company

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