LevelDefense SM Managed Cyber Security

INFORTECH 's LevelDefenseSM Managed Cyber Security Service covers all aspects of securing, managing, monitoring your Network, Servers, and Workstations.

As the Business Owner or IT Manager, addressing Network & Data security requirements and preventing other disruptive vulnerabilities must fall into the top priority of safeguards for which you bear the responsibility.

Once designed and implemented, you need to manage, monitor, re-assess periodically and update, modify and upgrade the infrastructure on an ongoing basis. A solution to protect your business’ data is not a defined project that you can implement and forget about, rather it must be addressed as a ’security management process’ that needs to be re-assessed and updated to meet the ever increasing and varying threat levels.

Infortech’s LevelDefense Managed Cyber Security Services brings you a unified threat mitigation solution, which will protect your Network from external intrusions & internal compromises; your data from viruses; your server and desktop systems from spyware; your mail systems from spam and prevent other disruptive compromises. You can leave the Security Management processes to Infortech and focus on running and growing your business.

When defining a security management solution for your business, we will perform an in-depth analysis of your business operations; potential vulnerability points and understand your operational requirements. Then we will put our experience & expertise to work using advanced security technologies from our partners Fortinet, Qualys, Sentinel One and Microsoft to work in architecting a solution that can meet your need. In brief, our Managed Security Solution can address:

  • Perimeter Firewall Protection
  • Internal and External Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Anti-virus Protection
  • Anti-Spam Solution
  • Content and Data Filtering
  • Spyware Protection
  • Traffic Control, Traffic Shaping
  • Internet Data Filtering
  • Security enabled VPN Service
  • Protection Server Systems
  • Protection for User Desktop Systems
  • Protection for VOIP traffic

Once implemented, Infortech will:

  • Monitor the protection systems 24×7.
  • Update any Hardware firmware and Software as necessary.
  • Take counteractive steps to mitigate attacks and threats.
  • Alert you of any out of the ordinary events which are outside agreed threshold.
  • Make modifications to the solution as needed or at the request of customer.
  • Provide you a monthly report of activity on your network as observed.

There is no ’one size fits all’ solution when it comes to Network and Data Security. So please give our Sales Team a call. Let us architect a solution just for you.


Cutting-edge hardware and software helps us detect and identify all potential endpoint weakness.

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Vulnerability detection is followed by immediate elimination of any threats to your data.

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Have you ever thought your business might lack powerful enough antivirus, anti-spam, and intrusion-detection tools to keep your data protected?

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