November 2019

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Employees Keeping Your Data Safe? … Don’t Count On It


Your IT services company is one quick phone call away. This is true of a lot of businesses that outsource their IT needs to an IT services provider. While having an outsourced IT company on standby is great, a lot of the time they stay on standby. That is to say, they only get a phone call when something goes absolutely wrong – networks crash, hardware fails, data is stolen or erased and so on. This is a major mistake.

With a Managed IT Services Agreement your IT company is capable (and willing) to do so much more than react to a catastrophic failure. When you save the phone call for emergencies, you’re leaving a lot of expertise on the table. Your IT company can make a huge difference in the way your business operates day-to-day – and for the better!

Octorber 2019

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Employees Keeping Your Data Safe?


In any business, big or small, employees can be your biggest IT threat, and they might not even realize it. Businesses already face countless cyber threats, like data breaches, cyber-attacks, online viruses, and malicious e-mails. But despite all these outside threats, the real problem can come from the inside. One of the biggest threats to your business’s security is simply a lack of awareness on the part of your employees.

September 2019

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Cybercriminals Are Plotting to Hack Your Network RIGHT NOW… What You Can Do to Prevent It?


Did you know that small businesses are more likely to be targeted by cybercriminals than any other business or organization? It’s true! While we hear about major breaches on the news, we don’t get to hear the stories of the businesses that struggle with hacking attempts and cyber-attacks.

Hackers love to go after small businesses for one very big reason: small businesses are less likely to invest in top-notch (or even worthwhile) cyber security. Hackers love this vulnerability.

August 2019

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4 BIG Mistakes You’re Making by Being Cheap with Technology


Technology is more affordable and accessible than it’s ever been. But there are still many small businesses that cheap out on their technology and IT solutions. They just don’t want to commit to quality hardware, software, security or backups – the list goes on.

They go for the cheapest solutions, which in many cases do not meet the bare minimum requirement to support or protect their business. They’re setting themselves, and their customers, up for disaster…

July 2019

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Ways to Protect Your Business from the #1 Security Threat You Face


Today, cybercrime is more than a potential threat facing your business. It’s an unavoidable force of nature.

“It’s just like preparing for hurricanes, earthquakes or any type of natural or man-made disaster that could create business continuity issues,” says Theresa Payton, the Fortalice Solutions CEO and former White House CIO, in an interview with Cybercrime Magazine.

June 2019

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Top 3 Strategies I Learned from Peyton Manning To Improve Leadership and Grow My Business


Peyton Manning knows a thing or two about success. As one of the most legendary quarterbacks in the history of football, he’s reached heights few of us can ever hope to match, regardless of our field.

When looking at a career as storied as Manning’s, it’s tempting to attribute his dominance to sheer innate talent and maybe some kind of preternatural work ethic. Certainly, if you ask him, he’ll tell you that these two are essential ingredients to any kind of outsized success. But there’s a third factor that we tend to overlook from the sidelines.

May 2019

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Are YOU Prepared for The End of Windows 7?


If you’re one of the estimated 40%+ of businesses still on the outdated Windows 7 platform, consider this your wake-up call: time is nearly up for your trusty, tried-and-true operating system.

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7. That means no more updates, security or otherwise, will be offered by the company from that date forward.

April 2019

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4 Deadly Mistakes You’re Making with IT Security


For something so instrumental to the success of your business, technology can be an incredibly unstable, confusing and ever-changing tool. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the latest cyber security trend; hackers find a way to circumvent the process completely.

A new patch arrives for an essential piece of software, and the next day, another patch is required to repair the vulnerabilities the previous patch created. It can seem impossible to stay on top of this race.

March 2019

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3 Ways Your Employees Will Invite Hackers into Your Network… And What You Must Do to Prevent It


No matter how professional they are, members of your team – yourself included – are going to make mistakes. It’s true of every organization on earth. They’ll spill scalding coffee into the company copier. They’ll work overtime until the office is empty, then head home without thinking to arm the security system.

And, worst of all, they may unknowingly bumble into the cyber-attack that puts your business in peril, or worse, forces your business to go belly-up for good.

February 2019

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Why Your Business is The PERFECT Target for Hackers. Is Your Protection Up to Date?


People never think it’ll happen to them. Sure, they see the reports – 50 million-plus bundles of user data compromised by a Facebook breach; the billing information of more than 2 million T-Mobile users hacked by a mysterious malicious entity – but companies like those are massive, monolithic entities in American commerce. They’re decidedly big fish, not like you and your small business.

We hate to burst the bubble…

January 2019

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3 Fatal Errors You’re Making by Hiring the Cheapest Computer Support Company


Somehow, 2019 is already almost upon us. In preparation for the New Year, business owners across the country are taking a close look at their finances, scratching their heads as they inspect their budgets, line by line, to cut everything that isn’t absolutely necessary and searching for new investments that will boost their bottom line. In the midst of all this, it’s vital that leaders take a long, hard look at their technology budgets. Chances are those budgets are a far cry from where they should be.