INFORTECH ’s Expert Consulting Services can improve your IT’s efficiency and add value to your business.

Today, IT organizations are under pressure to provide improved strategic value, execute sustainable initiatives and make use of leading-edge technologies, in order for IT to become a core component contributing to the efficiency and profitability of the organization. However small and mid-size IT teams are being challenged to find the time, resources, and budget to achieve these goals, while bearing the responsibility of day to day operation of existing legacy infrastructure and applications, and maintaining service level to its user base. The reality is that many internal IT Teams lack the resources, expertise, and budget needed to embrace newer technologies and solutions.

Infortech’s IT Consulting Services can enable your IT organization to derive more efficiency and value from your existing infrastructure, and help you transform and transition your IT to today’s best methodologies and practices leveraged by leading-edge technologies and solutions such as Virtualization, Private & Hybrid Cloud.

Your IT organization should not be just a supplier of technology to your business, rather it should be strategic partner to the overall business vision of the entire organization.

Infortech’s IT Consulting Services are focused on five primary areas:

IT Service Management Consulting

Infortech’s Consultants carry tremendous amount of experience and expertise in IT Service Management practices. We gained our experience working with a wide range of client-base in varying industries. We are subject matter experts in ITSM framework and approach to IT Operations. Our consulting team can provide strategic consulting to your IT Team to audit, asses, and revamp your IT operations leveraging today’s tools, methodologies and best practices.

Datacenter Infrastructure & Operations

Over the last 15 years, we’ve built our own Datacenters; and Datacenters for several of our clients. We operate our own Datacenter and we manage on-location Datacenters for our clients. As a consulting service we can help plan, design, build, deploy and manage your private or co-located datacenter. We leverage our partners to bring in expertise that are outside our core-competencies such as Construction, Electrical, Climate Control, etc.

Global Data & Voice Network

Connectivity is a core to today’s Enterprise IT infrastructure. We’ve been helping our enterprise clients to build Wide Area Network infrastructure leveraging world’s strongest carrier backbones. We’ve built redundant global connectivity utilizing Dedicated Transport, MPLS. VPLS technologies. We also offer consulting services for building independent asynchronous network, procuring AS Number and Direct IP allocation from American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN).

IT Infrastructure Security & Threat Mitigation

Organizations of any size should address threat mitigation and security of their IT infrastructure as a tailored process specific to fit its environment and operation. Assessing, designing, and deploying a well-rounded threat mitigation process is complex and requires expertise touching all aspects of IT. Infortech can bring our expertise and experience in defining and building security solutions for your business.

Cloud Transformation & Migration

If your organization maintains an on-location IT infrastructure, you must evaluate possibilities of leveraging Cloud to bring efficiencies and new capabilities to your IT. Path to transformation and migration to the cloud for most organizations come in several phases, starting with Virtualization, transition to Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud and in some case transitioning completely to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from a reputable provider such as Microsoft Azure or AWS.

Infortech can put experience and expertise to work for you. We built our own IaaS infrastructure in our Datacenters; we built Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions for our clients. We can help your organization to navigate through the possibilities, steps, and process of making a transition to the cloud.

INFORTECH ’s IT Consulting Services help businesses embrace new technologies and maximize their technology resources.

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