Benefits of INFORTECH 's Managed Private Cloud Solutions:

Agility, Scalability, High Availability, and Cost Savings

Today’s Small and Mid-size Business IT Management is challenged with transforming the legacy infrastructure to take advantage of the agility, scalability, high availability, and cost savings afforded by Private Cloud Infrastructure. The path to transformation can be complex and rocky for most organizations. No matter where your data lives, on-premises, in your own Private cloud, or spread across hybrid cloud infrastructure, you must have full visibility of your data. For businesses with high-value intellectual property; and organizations under regulations and compliance requirements, the visibility and control aspects are of utmost importance. A private cloud infrastructure brings the benefits of today’s technology while maintaining control and visibility.

With Infortech’s Managed Private Cloud Infrastructure solution, your Data remains in a controlled environment managed by our expert team. We can also offer physical and logical separation for your Private cloud environment as required. While providing a secure computing environment, connectivity to public cloud services, content delivery networks, or the public internet can be facilitated with better control and ease. Our Private Cloud Infrastructure employs products and technologies from the strongest vendors in the industry, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Fortinet, HP, Dell, HPE Nimble Storage, and more.

Our Managed Private Cloud solution brings you substantial cost savings on Capex and Opex when compared to building, supporting, and managing your own private cloud environment. Our expert team will manage, monitor and support your infrastructure with industry-leading service level and availability. You can focus on managing your business-specific applications and do not have to worry about the intricacies of managing network infrastructure; data security; servers; storage; backup, and disaster recovery.

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