Are We a Good Fit?

Are you...

a Manufacturer, Engineering Company, Services Business, Legal or Accounting Firm in the Bay Area who wants to leverage technology to help propel your business forward instead of a burden that is expensive and time-consuming? Then INFORTECH can help!

INFORTECH is a Managed IT Services Company focused on providing IT Support and Solutions to Small to Midsize Businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area who have 10 to 200 employees and rely on information technology infrastructure, including computers, tablets, network, servers, and the Internet to run their daily business operations. Typically, our clients use one or more business applications (on-premise or in the cloud) such ERP, MES or Automation Software that are specific to their line of business.

We serve companies with no Internal IT who rely on us to manage all of their technology infrastructure and also support their users, and also with larger businesses with Internal IT Team and rely on partnership with INFORTECH for IT Security Services, Systems Engineering, IT Management Toolsets, and Project Work.<br?
We have clients that span across different industries, however majority of our Clients are Manufacturing & High Tech Companies, Engineering Firms, and Professional Services Businesses. We have deeper expertise and extended experience supporting their operations, line of business software and helping them to meet compliance requirements such as: HIPAA, FERC, NERC, CMCC-NIST 800-171, etc.

Mindset & Vision

We are a perfect fit for your Business, if…

  • You have the MINDSET that IT must work as an 'asset' benefiting your business, rather than an unavoidable expense.
  • You have the VISION that a better managed IT, aligned to your business will deliver benefits that are far exceeding its cost.


  • You want to delegate IT operations to a Team You Can Trust, so you can focus on propelling your business forward.
  • You want your IT Team to take ownership of tailoring and transforming your IT to become a core asset of your business.
  • You value guaranteed service levels and response times to User Support requests or IT issues.
  • You want clear visibility to how security, reliability of your IT and safety of your business data will be maintained.
  • You want to make sure that your Systems are updated, patched, monitored and proactively managed.
  • You want assurance that your your business is protected from hacks, attacks, viruses, ransomware & malware.
  • You need your users educated on how to avoid compromises, phishing attacks and routinely informed about new threats.
  • You want to ensure that your business data is backed-up on a continuous basis.
  • You need to get assurance that there is a well-planned Disaster Recovery plan and process in place.
  • You want to bring cost savings, and increase productivity of your workforce by utilizing Cloud, Office365, VOIP Telecom Services, and other beneficial technologies.
  • Most importantly, you want your IT Team to become a partner in planning and helping you to move your business forward.

If you have the Mindset and Vision as mentioned above and answered YES to most of the list above, INFORTECH will be a perfect fit for your business. Please give us a call at 408.625.5200 or complete the Request Form on this page.

What if you are you not looking for complete and comprehensive Managed IT Services Solution at this time, but has a specific technology need?

In addition to providing the ExpertCareSM Managed IT Services to Small to Mid-Size businesses, we also serve larger companies with internal IT staff to fill specific technology or infrastructure needs. We offer the following a-la-carte services & solutions:

Want to find out if INFORTECH is a good fit for transforming IT into a Beneficial Asset of your business?

Please complete the form below, or give us a call at: 408.625.5200. We will also include a Free, No Cost, No Obligation service to perform a Health Check of your Technology Infrastructure (a $600 value)