An IT Services & Support Business Built on Solid Client Loyalty!

Our Mission: To Empower Small To Midsize Businesses To Operate Efficiently, Reliably, And Securely By Leveraging Technology, And As A Result, Improve Their Bottom Line.

Infortech provides services and solutions to enable small to mid-size businesses to leverage technology to improve their operations and reduce their operational budget. We provide managed IT services, solutions, and support tailored to the specific business needs of our clients. Our services cover planning, design, implementation, management, and support of all aspects of Information Technology Infrastructure, including traditional and cloud-enabled environments.

Early Days
Infortech Corporation was founded in 1999 by seasoned IT Professionals from the Information Technology Professional Services industry. In the midst of dot com emergence, we built and supported IT and Web infrastructure for emerging companies in Silicon Valley.

In 2002, the 'Dotcom burst' brought a very different dynamic to small and mid-size businesses in Silicon Valley and Bay Area. Businesses were faced with the reality of needing to run their operations with reduced resources and on a reduced budget. We listened to our existing clients and other business leaders and in response, built a flexible, business-adaptable service to enable companies to operate their IT infrastructure on a much-controlled budget while providing the depth and breadth of expertise needed to run IT operations. Our ExpertCare Managed IT Services was born! We remained persistent and grew with our clients as Silicon Valley bounced back. We've transformed with technology as the convergence of infrastructure led to the new world of Cloud-enabled IT, Internet-of-Things, and Solutions-as-a-Service.

Bolstered by our nearly two-decade-long experience in all aspects of Business IT, today, the INFORTECH TEAM carries solid experience in all aspects of today’s leading-edge technology for IT. We employ highly skilled Network and Systems Professionals with Industry-leading Certifications and Credentials. Starting with 2018, we began expanding our footprint to other markets where there are clients with a need for our White Glove IT Services.  We now serve small to midsize businesses in Northern California, Portland, Oregon, Syracuse & Central New York, and Wilmington, North Carolina.

White Glove, Tailored Service
In today’s IT Solutions Provider business, we see a wide range of services and products being offered by different providers. Some of these services are just a lot of bells & whistles or marketing buzzwords that do not carry much real business value; then there are cookie-cutter services that do not address all of the client's needs. We strive to understand our client’s business needs, what is most important, and what is less important, and then tailor our services to fit the business objective of the client at a reasonable, business-justifiable cost.